We provide versatile steam cleaning equipment for every cleaning application

Chemical-free, 5% low moisture steam vapour cleaning for a cleaner, environment friendly clean

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Cleaning Applications

Choose from a steam or steam vacuum cleaner to get the job done for your industry. We are experts in the steam cleaning equipment and help you decide on the best machine for your cleaning job. Our steam cleaning machines are also OH&S friendly, portable, robust and environmentally friendly.

Floor cleaning

Deep clean and sanitise hard flooring with superheated dry steam vapour cleaner.

Upholstery Detailing

Give your upholstered surfaces such as sofa, chairs, mattress and others a fresh clean with a dehydrating and dry steam vapour

Carpet Cleaning

Deep clean and refresh your carpeting surface with low moisture steam vapour

Car Interior Detailing

Sanitise, refresh and disinfect your car interior’s including seats, dashboard, trims and many more

bathroom steam cleaning equipment
Bathroom Cleaning

Clean shower box, bathroom vanities, taps and tiles with all-in-one versatile steam cleaner

kitchen cleaning with steamer
Kitchen Cleaning

Use a steam vacuum cleaner to remove stubborn oil grease, grimes and burnt leftovers from kitchen surfaces.

We are Australia's premier supplier of Italian made steam cleaning machines.

Our steam cleaners are patented in Italy with unique, innovative features and ergonomic OH&S features that eliminate the need of excess amount of chemicals

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